Customer Concept Products, your ideas brought to life. If you have a panel idea, or any other aviation inspired idea that you would like to see take shape and go to market with us, please get in contact via email to or by phone 01833 622020.

We will develop and build, in cooperation and help from you, a prototype of your idea, to be delivered to you as yours. This prototype is to be funded by you, but because a prototype is more time consuming and therefore more expensive, we will aim to pay you back.

A percentage, between 5 to 10%, from each subsequent sale of this product will be paid back to you until you have received full re-payment of your initial cost. Therefore, should all work out as planned and your Concept Product is popular, you will end up having your idea becoming reality and have the actual product for free. We will of course also benefit, so it will be a win-win situation.

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