Aero Craft Drinks Panel – Mark II with Nose Art


Aero Craft Drinks Panel – Mark II with Nose Art

Nose Art: Nose Art is done to order by the extremely talented husband and wife team of Brian and Ann Freer and also other artists on request. The attached photographs are some of their previous commissions, but they will also do bespoke nose art designs and insignia. Should you have something specific in mind you are welcome to give me a call on 01833 622020 to discuss.

Panel Description: The panel size is 112 cm x 75 cm and hangs 15 cm away from the wall it is mounted to. It has an upper and lower access hatch that opens up to reveal the interior of the panel. The upper hatch is opened with the assistance of two gas struts, once unlocked and lifted slightly the gas struts will take over and gently take the hatch to the full open position and securely keep it there. The lower hatch is also the serving tray once opened and it is fitted with a cork work top. The interior layout as standard includes 4 x 25 ml optics and most 750 ml spirit bottles will fit into the panel. It has 4 x shelves for glasses laser cut from clear acrylic. The interior layout can best be seen on the photographs below.

The drinks panel as standard also features dimmable LED back lighting which illuminates the interior of the panel as well as the back of the panel. The back plate of the panel has a mirror like polish reflecting the light and contents of the panel. The back lights are powered by a rechargeable 12 Volt lead acid battery, so no permanent wiring needs to be run to the panel and this makes for a nice clean display. Depending on use, the battery will only need to be recharged once every 10 to 15 days.

Custom Options: You will have the following options to personalise the drinks panel to your preference. Your Choice of rivets to build the panel, either mushroom, flat head or countersunk rivets could be used. Your preferred interior layout, with optics or without, but with an added shelf instead if you wanted the bottles standing upright. Your choice of wording or image to be laser engraved onto the cork serving tray top.

Note: Included with each panel: 1 x Access Hatch key, more keys are available on request. 1 x Battery charger. Wall mounting attachments and instructions. Not included: No liquor, drinking glasses and or drinks accessories. The pictures represent the panel of interest, but it is not the exact same panel that will be delivered as panels are made to order. On international orders the lead acid battery may have to be bought and delivered separately to the panel due to shipping restrictions.