Large Ceiling/Wall Light Shade -Standard


Our Standard Large Ceiling/Wall Light Shade – The panel measures 112 cm x 75 cm and we offer the following options. If you have something specific in mind, please contact us at any time to discuss your ideas. This is an example of the Standard version, Bespoke and Nose Art versions are available on request.

Panel has 4 x fixed LED Down light units supplied: Yes
Lights are powered by mains power supply: Yes
Panel can be built with Mushroom Head Rivets: Yes
Panel can be built with Countersunk Rivets: No
Natural or Brushed Aluminium Finish: Yes
Polished Aluminium Finish, Mirror Effect: No
Feature any National Roundel on Camouflage as Paint Scheme: Yes
Feature Custom Design Paint Scheme, Lettering, Insignia: No

Note: These panels are sold as a light shade and not a light. All light fittings, CE certified, will be supplied as purchased by us, ready to be fitted and wired into the panel by a certified electrician. Panels are attached to the ceiling or wall with 4 x plug type screws, not included with panel.