Nose Art on Small Panel without Back Light


Small AeroCraftPanel with Nose Art – No Back light

Small Panels with Nose Art – Our small panels measure 57 cm x 40 cm and we offer the following options, but if you have something specific in mind, please contact us at any time to discuss  your ideas. All nose art is currently done to order by the extremely talented husband and wife team of Brian and Ann Freer. The attached photographs are some of their previous commissions but they will also do bespoke designs of most nose art and insignia.

Panel Rivets – Panels can be built using either mushroom head, flat head or countersunk rivets. Mushroom head rivets are used on panels to represent older aircraft, from the days before elimination of drag became a crucial design aspect. Flat head rivets represent helicopters and the like and the countersunk rivets represent modern day aerodynamic aircraft.

Panel Finish – Panels can be high gloss polished or have a natural brushed aluminum finish. There is also the option to have the whole panel painted, camouflaged, D Day Stripes, specific aircraft paint color, etc.

We will be adding more photos in due course, in the meantime keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates,