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Aero Craft Panels - Buy Back

From time to time there may be an Aero Craft Panel that come up for sale, maybe to upgrade to another panel, maybe because taste and or preference has changed, maybe due to a change of situation. Whatever the reason, we would be interested to hear about any panels that are for sale. We would look to either buy it back ourselves, or be given the opportunity to advertise it for resale on our website. Should you wish to sell your Aero Craft Panel, or know of one that is up for sale, please get in contact with us.

We have a long waiting list and will look to buy back any Aero Craft Panels, to either sell them on again, to re-build them if damaged, or to recycle and re-use the components. The model and overall condition of the panel will obviously determine our course of action, and needless to say, the buy-back offer we will be willing to make.

A "Pre-Owned Panels" category has been added to our Shop page and any previously owned panels will be listed. Please note that the Pre-Owned Panels category will only be visible on the Shop Page if there is a panel available and listed. You are welcome to send us an email, via our Contact Us page, with your contact details if you would like to be notified in advance of any Pre-Owned Panels that may become available.

Also please note, at this point there are no other authorised Aero Craft Panels distributors, stockists or agents. If you are looking to find a genuine, numbered and logged Aero Craft Panel, please get in contact with us directly.
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